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Pregnancy Diary: Finding out we are expecting baby no.2

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My husband and I had just come home from an extra long weekend trip away to Queenstown over the Australia Day long weekend. We had the most amazing time just the two of us dining out, enjoy a spa treatment, wine tour (sorry baby, I didn’t know) and enjoying each others company. While we were there I got what I thought at the time was my period but lighter than normal, once again our hearts had sunk thinking that yet another month had passed and another month of failing to fall pregnant.

While we were away I remember feeling extremely tired, extremely hungry and I kept getting what I thought was travel sickness but little did I know there was something more going on in my belly… 

TUESDAY 30th JAN ’18

I woke up that morning feeling like something just wasn’t quite right. I couldn’t really explain why but I felt different and I realised that my “period” was so so light with no pain and it only lasted not even 3 days – I believe now this spotting was implantation bleeding. All that day I kept wondering and questioning but I didn’t want to get my hopes up. 

That afternoon I went and bought 2 pregnancy tests. 


I had a busy day planned with Millie and forgot all about the tests until that afternoon when I finally got her down for a nap. I had no expectations and I really just thought I would see one pink line as for the last 7 months each month I was met with the disappointment of not falling pregnant. 

I peed on the stick and sat there and watched as two pink lines appeared, one was faint. My hands started to shake – I couldn’t believe it, I didn’t believe it. I carried it around for the next hour making sure I could actually see what I thought I could see. An hour later I did another test and it too had two lines! 

Being the over thinker and eternal worrier that I am I had to make sure before I told David so I went to the shops and bought like 5 more tests (as you do) so I could test with a variety of brands and test the next morning with the first wee of the day because I had heard that was the most accurate. This is exactly how it played out with my first pregnancy – I couldn’t bring myself to believe it or tell David until I was 100% sure in my own mind.


The next morning I took a digital test and faced it down upside down and waited a couple of minutes. When I turned it over it was right there “Pregnant 2-3 weeks” – I was finally starting to feel excited. 

That day I took another 2 tests, just to be sure of course. When I had all 5 positive tests laying on my bed staring back at me I was finally convinced and I felt a huge sense of joy and relief and I started crying happy tears. 




It was right then as I was looking at the tests just laying there and thinking about the future that I realised the date – 1st of February. It was exactly 3 years TO THE DAY that I had told David that I was pregnant with Millie. Call me crazy but i think thats pretty amazing. 

That night when David finally got home (of course he got home later than normal) I asked him “Do you know what day it is?” of course he didn’t – men never remember that kind of thing. “This day exactly 3 years ago I told you we were pregnant with Millie.” I said. He just looked at me and looked at Mille and smiled then I said “and guess what we are having another baby!.” It took him a moment to register what I had just said all he could say was “what?’ “really, really?” he kept saying. I then uncovered the tests that I had sitting on the bench covered up and said “Yes really! We are really having another baby.” I said. All he could say was “But I thought you got your period? WHAT?!” Then we starting laughing and jumping up and down with excitement and so did Millie even though she had absolutely no idea what was going on.

I grabbed Millie in my arms and said “You’re going to be a big sister bubba.” and she said “Yes Mummy I’m big sissa (sister)” with a big grin on her face.


I really want to say another massive thank you to everyone who has sent us so much love and support since our announcement and even before that as I started talking about us wanting to fall pregnant and it not happening. We are so grateful for this pregnancy & the ability for us to fall naturally and we feel so lucky that it happened when it did, its the perfect timing for our little family to become one little person bigger. This little apricot sized baby is already so loved!

Its so crazy this baby has the same original due date as Millie did so our babies will be born within days (if not the same day – hopefully not) of each other in late september as I will have a planned c-section at the same gestation as I did with Millie. So crazy, we must be super fertile around that time of year which make sense as its around Christmas/New Year where we are more relaxed and working less!! If you haven’t read my last blog about fertility and stress you can find it HERE as I strongly believe everything in there in combination helped us to fall pregnant when we did. 

I can’t wait to share with you this journey, the highs and the lows because we all know there are both along the way. If you ever want to ask me any questions or want me to discuss any topic always feel free to leave a comment or send me an email. 

With Love,

Brittany xx 

Mar 30, 2018


  1. Dan says:

    What a wonderful story and HOW amazing it was the same day as Millie!! Absolutely THRILLED for you guys xoxoxox


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