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Trimester 3 Exercise Guidelines

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Yahooo.. We’ve made it to the final stretch, the final trimester and soon your baby will be here! In this blog I’ll be sharing trimester 3 exercise guidelines.

The second trimester is definitely the most forgiving. You aren’t as sick, you aren’t as hormonal and you aren’t too big yet! And then the 3rd trimester hits – you’re sore, big, bloated,  nausea can start again, you’re holding on to fluid, your hormones start racing again, you can’t stop peeing, you’re tired, exhausted and freaking scared at times about birth and beyond.

When it comes to your body you may be feeling a lot of pain specifically in the pelvic region, lower & or upper back and legs.

Your center of gravity shifts as your belly grows and your posture pays the price. As you start rapidly gaining weight in the final trimester your pelvic floor can easily become weak so make sure you keep up your pelvic floor exercises every day 3x times a day if you remember and completely stop all impact exercise like running, jumping and heavy lifting.

Making sure you are not carrying your heavy toddler all the time is important for caring for your pelvic floor and back. I know its almost impossible as I have the same struggles but it is important that we get them understanding mummy cant carry them all the time anymore.

When it comes to exercise trimester 3 is not the time to be starting any crazy exercise program but a time to start resting more, stretching more and listening to your body. If you cant continue to exercise that’s ok allow yourself to rest and surrender your body and self to the process.


– Obtain medical clearance from GP or OB.

– Have a check up with a women’s health physio if you plan to continue exercising regularly.

– All pregnancy guidelines for trimester 1 & 2 to be included. Find them here:


– Tone it right down and work at a low to moderate intensity

– Concentrate on strengthening your posture and looking after the pelvic floor.

– Use a swiss ball instead of standing for movements.

– Low to no impact movements only.

– Take stress off your back and pelvis by performing movements on all fours.

– Relaxation, yoga and stretching is very important to help you feel less stressed, tired and sore. Practicing meditation can also help calm the body and mind.

– 20 mins max of moderate cardio or 30 minute light cardio.

– Light weights or body weight for resistance.

– Add in extra rest time between sets and also post work out. Try not to go from exercising to a long walk or house hold work or any other strenuous task.

– Listen to your body and if you are not comfortable or something does not feel right stop immediately.

– Be cautious of pelvic pain. If anything particular is aggravating it -stop immediately. One legged movements are particularly hard on the pelvic joints, if you have pelvic instability or pain try to avoid these.

– Staying active is great but if it is causing more tiredness, aches , pains or is uncomfortable maybe short walks are enough and its time to put your feet up and rest.

– Start including some birth preparation and pain relieving exercises/stretches which could include some pelvic circles on the Swiss ball, wide knee child pose, pigeon pose, hip openers (also known as clams) and some body weight squats.

In conclusion…

The above are basic trimester 3 exercise guidelines for the average person and may not suit you or your specific needs. You MUST gain medical clearance before doing any exercise whilst pregnant even if you were fit or active before.

Remember to listen to your body during this time and do not compare your self to others. We are all on our own journey and what suits one Mum to be may not suit another.

If you have any questions please feel free to contact me via Instagram @bybrittanynoonan or comment below. Please contact me for any specific help or injury concerns as this is generalized information.

With Love,

Brittany xx

Dec 7, 2020




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