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9 Things Yoga is Teaching Me


About 6 weeks ago I had never felt so disconnected, tired, lethargic, sore, hunched over and anxious in my life. I truly felt like I didn’t know who I was any more. My second daughter had just turned one, she wasn’t sleeping, still breastfeeding and I was just completely drained. On top of all of this my alopecia had returned and I was so stressed worried that all my hair would eventually fall out.

To be honest the alopecia was the final straw in me realising I needed to make some drastic changes to my self care and my life because it was like my body was screaming out for help.

In the past I had done yoga frequently but hadn’t really committed myself since before I fell pregnant with my first daughter (5 years ago). Being who I am and knowing how important exercise and movement is to me and also how important my daily meditation is to me I thought I would commit myself to 4 weeks of yoga 3-4 times per week. So I did.

Its been 5 weeks now I feel like i’m Yoga addicted – its teaching me so much already and made me have some big realisations which I thought I would share with you all.


I love that this hour allows me to be completely present with myself, in the moment with just my body and my breath to focus on. Its a great reminder and is teaching me to allow this space more in to my life. Being some one who suffers greatly with anxiety my mind is forever going a million miles an hour with worries, to do’s and an internal dialogue of thoughts and ideas. My mind is extremely busy and honestly it wears me out most days. Coming back to the mat gives me time to disconnect from that and then I bring those moments into my everyday.

“Yoga takes you to the present moment where only now exists” – unknown


I can’t even begin to tell you what even just a month of yoga has done for my posture. Never in my life have I ever been so hunched and sore. From a very long 9 months being hunched over a toilet bowl while pregnant and sick, then not being able to stand straight after a section then breastfeeding and feeding in bed for over 12 months meant my back and posture really really suffered. Yoga has opened me up and Ive noticed such a huge improvement in my posture.

I actually got a little tear in my eye when I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror in class the other day – it was the straightest Ive seen myself in so long and I am getting less and less pain daily.


Breathing and breathing exercises have always been something I have loved and used to control my anxiety but it wasn’t until I got back on the mat that I realised how short and fast I had been breathing for so long.

Its truly incredible what our breath can do for us, our energy and our mood.


Giving myself the gift of an hour on the mat has been such a great reminder of just how important self care and self love is. By gifting myself that time I am allowing myself to look after both my mind and body and in turn I will be able to care for those around me so much better because Im happier and healthier for it.

You know Im an avid believer of self love and care but its so easy to forget to look after yourself as a mum.


Yoga has also reminded me that our bodies are so beautiful and that everyday we get to spend in them is a gift. Our bodies are truly incredible and what they do for us every day deserves some love and attention.

The meditation practice at the end of class is also a great time to reflect on your life and remind yourself of all that is great and all that you have simply just by breathing.


When I get on the mat I allow myself to let go – let go of everything that is happening out in the world, let go of the expectations I place on myself and that others place on me too. I imagine with my breath that I am breathing out all the worries and insecurities.

Yoga allows me to be reminded that things will happen whether I like it or not and also that I cannot control everything so I can either hold it tight and let it control me or I can learn to let it go and just be.


Something that I love about Yoga is that there is so much compassion and love in the room. You can be a serious yogi who has been practicing for years or a brand new yogi yet there is so much love and respect for each other in the room. Ego is left at the door and the teachers are so kind and caring.

In a busy fast paced world where everyone seems to just walk straight past one another I love the feeling of coming to class and sharing a practice with the other people in room. I love that at the end we thank each other for sharing the practice and love that we are there with no judgement.


I love that yoga reminds you that everything you have is everything you need to be happy. The more I practice the more I am shutting down and stripping away the toxic, unnecessary conversations I have with myself that tell me I am not good enough or what I have or do is not enough because really we are all perfect just the way we are. We don’t need to change or fit a mould and the practice of yoga reminds us of this.


Yoga is such a great teacher of patience as you must spend time and take time to get better at the poses and to get stronger with your practice. When I first started back my body was so stiff and sore and I literally left the first class and came home and cried to my husband because I felt so uncomfortable in my body. Over the last 5 weeks I have improved so much already (I still have a long way to go) but I love that there is always more to learn and improve on and that its giving me something to focus on out side motherhood and work that is just for me that I can get better and stronger at! Consistency is your practice is key to bettering yourself.

I hope this little article has given you some inspo to get on the mat yourself. Id love to hear if you’re a yogi too what its taught you?

Dec 10, 2019


  1. I need more self care, too, and while sometimes it is hard to get myself out the door, a weekly yoga class is a beautiful spot of peace in a otherwise hectic days. You are inspiring me to get to more classes – the rewards for my body and for the ‘me time’ are clearer now, thank you.

    Yoga over the last year has taught me to be aware of my body without labels – to feel rather than think – and a better acceptance of being where I am.


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