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Self Love Sunday Super Hour!

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We all know how important it is to take some “me time” to practice self love and self care but the reality is for most Mums and busy working women we are just so time poor and we are constantly putting our own needs on the back burner to prioritise others.

I know what it’s like, every week I think to my self “I am going to take more time out for me” but then it just never feels like I get the time. But what if we started with just 1 hour of “me time” would that be achievable? 

I want to share with you my idea of how you can achieve a self-love Sunday in just one hour and ask you to take a 4 week “Self-love Sunday Challenge” with me (if you can’t do Sunday choose another day but I feel Sunday helps to set your intentions for the week ahead). If you can commit one hour a week to ensuring you are looking after yourself and your mind you will feel more positive, happier and less stressed – if you don’t feel any better after the 4 weeks, what have you lost? Nothing, you have only gained a bit of relaxation time.

The first thing you will need to do is arrange for your husband, partner, boyfriend, friend, grandparents or babysitter to look after your children for just one hour. This is so important, I want this hour for you to be completely carefree and not distracted. If you can arrange for this to happen at the same time every week for the next four weeks (or forever) even better.

0-10 minutes: 


The first thing we are going to do is stop, free our minds, let go of our worries and just be. If you have never meditated before this is the perfect place to start. 

Guided meditation for myself is the best as it allows me to focus and forget but if its too much for you or if you already know how to meditate with out the guidance turn on some relaxing music, white noise such as waves or rain and just close your eyes and sit or lay still for 10 minutes. 

Where to find guided meditation: Youtube is my favourite and easiest just type in “10 minute meditation” and you will find plenty of options – once you find one you like try using the same one until you are comfortable with meditation . Otherwise, there are other apps you can purchase or download. 



10 – 20 minutes:


Spend the next 10 minutes applying a hair mask and a face mask that you love. Run a bath and grab a cup of tea, iced water or wine – which ever will make you feel most relaxed.

20 – 35 minutes:


Now we are pampering ourselves physically we are also going to work on our minds and our stress levels. 

In a diary we are going to write the following:

GRATITUDE: List 5 things you are grateful for in your life right now. 

This is useful because it will give you a positive outlook for the week ahead. It is also great because if you’re having a bad moment during the week you can take a look and be reminded of the good in your life. 

WEEKLY GOALS: List 5 goals for the week for the following areas of your life.


eg. This week I will try to accept my stretch marks by wearing a bikini to the beach or this week I will not step on the scales every morning because I want to accept my body. 


eg. I will take my daughter/son to the park every afternoon this week OR I will be more attentive and more present with my children. 


eg. My husband/boyfriend/partner and I will go on a date night.


eg. I will complete “insert task” by Tuesday or I will ask for a pay rise.


I will attend the gym 3 times this week and do 1 yoga class.


In your diary or journal you will write two mantras to live by for the week:


eg. “She believed she could so she did” 


eg. ” I am strong, I am beautiful, I am enough.”

The way I find my mantras is simply by going on Pintrest, google or Instagram. The internet is full of wonderful quotes and inspiration. Just dont get distracted whilst doing this. 

35 – 45 minutes


For the next 10 minutes you are just going to relax – I know 10 minutes isn’t a very long relaxation time BUT it’s better than 0 minutes! Throw on your favourite relaxing music and light a scented candle. If you don’t have a bath you have more time for a long hot shower!

45minute – 1 hour


Shower and wash hair.

Once you’ve showered and washed your hair it’s time to nourish your skin with some body oil. Make sure you gently massage as you go to relieve tight or tired muscles especially in the shoulders and neck which are usually super tight from carrying your kids or working at a desk.

You should have 5 minutes left to brush or blow dry your hair or just relax and enjoy how rejuvenated you now feel !

So, who’s up for the challenge? Will you take 1 hour every Sunday or any other day you can fit it in (starting next week) for four weeks to care for you? Email me, DM me or comment on my Instagram if you are going to join me so we can remind each other and help each other along the way! 

Here’s some small things you can do daily with me to help you feel more self love and happiness over the next 4 weeks :

* 10 Min meditation every morning.

* Reading & repeating your weekly mantras every morning.

* 20-30 minutes of exercise and stretching at home or in the gym – 3-4 times a week (lots of ideas on my @move.bybrittany page)

* Telling yourself 3 things you love about yourself everyday.

*  Practicing breathing techniques to help relieve stress.

Can’t wait to hear how you all go with you “Self Love Sunday Super Hour!”

With Love,

Brittany xx

Feb 26, 2017




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