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Would You Speak to Others the Way You Speak to Yourself?


 This post was inspired by some nasty comments written on this photo about my body. It got me thinking and I started speaking to myself in those nasty self hate voices.

Would you speak to your friend, sister, cousin, or any old stranger the way you do to yourself if she was a new mum? Would you comment on that beautiful pic of someones #mumbod and say “you need to get rid of those stretch marks” , “if only you could loose a few kilos, you’d be so much happier” or “you look disgusting”? Unless you were some very bitter and twisted internet troll I don’t think you would.

So why do we speak to ourselves this way?

Over and over I see the most beautiful and encouraging comments being written from one mother to the next which I will add is awesome to see how much everyone is supporting each other and seeing beauty in so many different shapes and sizes. But if we can see so much beauty in others why can’t we see the same in ourselves?

So how about we try to give our selves the same encouragement and love? I deserve it, you deserve it, we all deserve it. You deserve to love and honor your body. It has been through an incredible journey during pregnancy and it has created and delivered a complete human and even if you are not a mother your body is still incredible – it is the vessel that allows you enjoy the adventure and journey of life.

If we are all about supporting others, raising a generation of humans who respect and tolerate others and encouraging others why don’t we start with ourselves. After all is said and done you truly only have yourself and your own thoughts so why not be your own biggest fan?

Don’t get me wrong, supporting and encouraging others is fantastic but are you truly being honest or are you leaving empty comments on those photos to women who you say look great? Just think about this…  if you think they look great with the same “flaws” as you then why don’t you look great?

Before we can be accepting of others we need to be accepting of ourselves.

So I ask you to be a little more encouraging of yourself & allow yourself to love the skin you’re in. Give yourself compliments, wear what you want, go to the beach in that bikini and love the absolute shit out of your self.

Life is so short and the years go by so quickly so don’t waste another second being so hard on  yourself.

Lastly, next time you’re standing in front of the mirror ask yourself “would I say what I’m thinking about myself to somebody else?” – if the answer is no think of something kind to say to yourself instead.


Brittany xx

Jan 17, 2017




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