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Hands up who loves shopping with their kids, toddler, babies?

Anyone? I didn’t think so but we all know it’s a necessary evil and sometimes we must do it when they are with us so finding stores you know and trust is important as busy, time poor Mums.

Although shopping with kids isn’t fun buying cute, fashionable outfits for them is right? I love dressing Millie up in fashionable outfits and finding the best looks for her.

So, what’s the three most important things when shopping for our kids?

Convenience, price & quality.


Getting in and out and being able to buy everything in one spot is super important as a busy mama especially while pregnant or when shopping with Millie. This is where H&M kids helps and makes shopping that much easier. Instead of walking around shopping centers all day trying to find bits and pieces everywhere you can buy baby & kids clothing, shoes, socks and accessories for both boys and girls all in one place. Plus, don’t forget you can treat mama to something too with their huge range of on trend women’s fashion – #winning.


We all know that kids clothing needs to durable to with stand the demands of our busy little children and messy babies but I and I’m sure all of you also don’t want to be spending too much on outfits that they will grow out of before they wear them out. Another reason why we love H&M kids is that the quality is definitely there and the price points are still affordable. Millie has always outgrown rather than worn out her H&M shoes and clothing.

SPRING 2018 …



Recently I was invited in store to meet with H&Ms Kids visual merchandiser & stylist to go over the key looks and trends for Spring 2018. She highlighted the incoming trends for the girls will be:

–          Sporty/Active everyday wear looks for kids.

–          Pastel colours such as soft pinks.

–          Light wash denim and skinny jeans

–          Sequins and embroidery

We put together a couple of looks for both baby and Millie.

Kids look

Green Jacket: $39.99 (sizes 2-10 available)

Long Sleeve Tee : $14.99(sizes 2-10 available)

Skinny Jeans: $29.99 (sizes 2-10 available)

Hat: $9.99


Newborn beanies 2 pack $9.99

Pink Shoes $12.99

Baby Pink Tracksuit $27.99

Mama’s and Mama’s to be , if you’re on the hunt for fashionable, quality looks for your baby or kids this spring head into H&M they have you covered!

Jump online and check out their full range HERE 

With Love,

Brittany xx

This blog was written in paid partnership with H&M but I would never promote something we don’t love and use ourselves.






Aug 27, 2018



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