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Our Double Pram Choice



(Baby Jogger is a brand I have collaborated with and loved and used my self for the past 3 years. I was lucky enough to be gifted this pram but this blog is not sponsored nor did they ask me to write this blog. All thoughts are 100% my own.)

If you have been following along my pregnancy since the start you will know the amount of time and research I did into making a choice for a double pram. I asked you guys and got literally thousands of responses which was overwhelming to say the least but also gave me a short list of prams that were tried and tested by real mamas in my community.

I went back and forth whether to do a side by side or tandem pram and in the end I decided that the tandem would best suit me for two reasons

1. I could use it as a single on daycare days or when Millie isn’t with me or grows out of wanting to be in a pram.

2. I am one of the worlds most awkward people and I already feel awkward in stores trying to navigate my way around with a single pram to get between things or tables and chairs in cafes and the thought of trying to get a side by side stroller through anywhere makes me feel anxious.

After a whole lot of research, in-store testings and reading these were the top prams that were suggested for a TALL toddler and a baby.


  1. Mountain Buggy Duet ( I almost bought because of the narrow width for a side by side but the lady in store convinced me otherwise because of the tyres that need pumping and the seat size for a tall toddler)

  2. Baby Jogger City GT double (in the end I decided this was too bulky but I think it would be awesome for walking and exercise)


  1. Baby jogger City select (also available in LUX)

  2. UppaBaby Vista

In the end we decided to go with Baby Jogger City Select in the 10th anniversary colour way for a few reasons and here is why:


Baby Jogger is a brand we love and use and trust the high quality and push of these strollers – we actually already own 3 of their single strollers – City Mini GT, Tour (travel stroller) and the Summit Running Stroller. When we tried this out in store both my husband and I were super impressed with how well it pushes for a double with a heavy 3 year old on board



This pram has the most seat configurations I could find of any double pram. With over 16 possible configurations you can make the City Select . Front facing, parent facing, sibling facing, toddler on bottom, toddler on top : whatever you want or need.

Configuration was so important to me because for this double to work I needed to be able to put Millie’s seat where ever she wants so that she is happy to sit in the pram (hello three-nanger)! So many of the prams I tried only allowed for toddler to be at the bottom.

You can add a Second Seat to make it a double or even also add a Glider Board and you’ve got a triple.

We decided to go with a seat for toddler and capsule for baby configuration to start with and will purchase a second seat later.


Because I know you guys would be so interested in my pram choice (it’s actually something I get asked most days)another reason I decided to go with this pram because of the affordability for such a high quality product.

This pram as a single is about $899 (although I did see it on sale recently at baby bunting for around $650) and then you can choose to either go with a capsule or a bassinet to start and then later add a second seat.

Which ever way you choose to go to start with the price is never more expensive than $1299 (the capsule is the most expensive way).

Please note if you go with the “LUX” version the price is slightly higher.

The second most popular pram (Vista) ended up around $1600 for double with the bassinet or around $1900 with a capsule.


This seat was built for comfort and for tall, older toddlers.

It has 20.5kgs weight capacity per seat – the most weight I could find of any tandem pram seat. (Beware when buying your double pram a lot of toddler seats are actually smaller than the single seat and have really low weight restrictions which I think is ridiculous).

This seat was the tallest I could find also as Millie is tall SO many of the most popular, expensive brands we tried she was already too tall for! The seat canopy also lifts up to give more room as she grows.


This might sound silly but having a large basket underneath is so important to me and this one is huge. I carry around a lot of stuff and I will use this all the times.


I love the look of this pram particularly in the 10th anniversary edition colour way which is the dark grey with tan leather seat straps.



I find this easy to fold down and it fits in to the boot of my car easily. Always check that any pram you’re buying is easy to fit into your boot – with space left for shopping or boring things like groceries.

I hope this blog helps clear up any questions you might have about what pram and why we are going with for a double.

For more info on Baby Jogger City Select or to view their whole range head to their website HERE.

Of course we haven’t actually used as a double yet so I will be reporting back at a later date with how it works with my 2!!

With Love,

Brittany xx

Sep 30, 2018




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