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7 SIMPLE, HEALTHY HABITS that will help you manage your anxiety.




1.       MORNING WATER: Before you do anything in the morning, before your breakfast drink a large glass of warm or hot temperature water with a half a lemon squeezed in and a pink of rock salts. Overnight we lose so much hydration and minerals so we must re-hydrate and replenish before we do anything else. It will give you an instant lift, there is nothing worse for your mindset than going into the day feeling sluggish.



2.       FIND A HOBBY: Find yourself something you can do just for you. It’s so important as a woman not just a mother to have self-identity outside the home or work. Whether its writing, jogging, playing tennis, swimming, knitting, dancing or joining a sports team find “your” thing. For me my thing is writing – it always has been, before I had my blog I always kept a journal to share my thoughts.


3.       DITCH THE 2nd COFFEE: One cup of coffee a day is so fine but when we start overloading on coffee we start to become depend on it for energy but also find ourselves jittery, anxious or crashing. When you feel like that 2nd or 3rd cup of the day try some alternatives like herbal tea, bone broth, green smoothies or a banana for a little energy boost. Whatever you do don’t replace the coffee with a sugary treat which will have just as much if not more of a negative impact on your body as the caffeine addiction.


4.       TAKE CARE OF YOUR GUT: Gut health is crucial to overall health including mental health so by taking care of it you’re truly taking care of yourself. Some simple ways to look after your gut include ditching sugar and refined carbohydrates, taking a high quality pro-biotic and eating some fermented veg or bone broth.


5.       READ & EDUCATE YOURSELF: People ask me SO often how I can be so positive when I suffer from anxiety or how I have overcome it. It’s taken me many years, this feeling is not a new thing I have been suffering and learning to deal with it for around 14 years now so half of my life, there’s so many things I’ve done to help including years and years of therapy but the one thing that has always helped me is reading and finding out more and more about self-help, mindset, mindfulness and positive thinking. It’s so easy to find a book to start with google self-help books or mindset books and whole entire universe will open up before your eyes. If reading is not for you there are literally tens of thousands of podcasts you can listen to. At the end of the day only YOU can help YOU and knowledge is power and so is the reinforcement of an ideal such as positive thinking.



This one is such a huge thing for me. If I have planned out my day I don’t need to worry about what “may” come next as I have prepared for what I need to do that day. I’m not saying there won’t be road blocks or hurdles along the way but by having order in your day it brings a sense of control and calm.

I have a few ways I plan my day but it always involves a “to-do” list for work which is categorized in priority order and that contains no more than 5 things which I write on my monthly desk planner so I can see it all in front of me – being a very visual person I need to see it.

I also have my notes section on my phone where I literally type the night before exactly the plan for the next day for myself.

Using a daily action planner broken down into hours is also great especially if you have a whole day of activity, appointments and meetings. This was how I used to manage my day when managing the gym day to day.

The other thing I have is a white board sitting on the wall above my desk so I can see exactly what tasks I have to complete whether it’s now or later I like knowing what’s to come and I can also add things there as they come even if I’m not 100% sure when I’ll get to them. I catagorise these into three sections – blog work, business work and personal (Millie, home, general errands or appointments).  

These are just my own ways but there are hundreds of ways to organize and plan using technology, apps or planners.

Ill do a separate blog on this soon.

7.       LEARN TO SAY NO:

Last year this was my resolution and I can say that I have gotten so much better. By continually putting things on our plates we are unable to complete the things we have set out to achieve. We need to realise that not every opportunity or invite is necessary for us.

It’s hard as someone like myself and probably most mums out there to say no as we genuinely want to help everyone and by saying no we feel like we are letting others down.

What I have learnt over time is that by saying yes to things I can fit in or things that are outside my scope of work only lets more people down in long run because I can’t complete them, cancel at the last minute or become so stressed and anxious that it reflects on to my family and inner circle of friends.

This year I have set myself limits and boundaries on the number of projects, events or tasks I can do to help manage this even more. I have also found that by being completely honest with people about why you’re saying no they actually have the world of respect for you.


Hope these tips have helped. Hit me on my Instagram or below with more simple ways or habits you have to manage your anxiety and be healthier.



Brittany xx

Jul 17, 2019




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