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HOW TO: Stay Motivated in Winter



It’s cooler outside, the days are shorter and it feels like you never see the sunlight which can lead to less motivation to be active. Not to mention if you’re in the southern states of Aus you are constantly covered up with layers of clothing so you’re less aware or maybe care less about those few extra kgs you gain through winter…. until Summer hits! 

The best way to get your body ready for the beach, warm weather, summer and “that” bikini is by starting or continuing your active lifestyle and fitness during winter. 

CHAMPION - Powertrain Puffer vest  (shop here)

CHAMPION – Powertrain Puffer vest (shop here)

SO how do you stay motivated during winter?

My Top 5 tips:


Set yourself a goal for when it’s warmer weather again. Some goals could include – run 10km straight, loose X% of body fat, gain X kg in muscle, prepare my body for pregnancy, fit into that dress, feel confident in my bikini. Then you want to break it down in to small and achievable goals over the time. 

For example if you want to loose a % of body fat think about how many weeks you have to do achieve that goal and then focus each week on that! 

If it’s a less measurable goal such as “feeling confident in my bikini” then maybe set small lifestyle, mental and fitness goals that will help you to achieve that feeling. 

Having an end goal will keep your mind and focus on track. 

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CHAMPION – Absolute Tank (shop here)


Lacking the motivation to get to that 6am bootcamp in the dark, it’s too cold for your morning walks so you just don’t go or are you just plain bored of your old routine? Then it’s time to change it up.

Try something new like hot yoga, reformer pilates, barre classes, F45 training, HIIT sessions, sign up to an online program you can do from home or join a gym and fall in love with lifting weights (even better if you’re a Mama – join a gym with a creche). 

Don’t let yourself get stuck in that winter rut, like they say “Change is as good as a holiday” so change up your workouts and get your body ready for that summer holiday!

CHAMPION - Absolute Tights & Crop  (shop here)

CHAMPION – Absolute Tights & Crop (shop here)


When most people start a health and fitness kick they automatically assume they need to be eating fish and salad or chicken and broccoli every meal which sounds totally unsatisfying especially during winter when our bodies crave something more hearty to keep us warm. BUT you don’t need to be eating those boring bland foods to stay on track, keep lean and smash your goals. For example think warm oats or omelettes for breakfast, hearty veggie packed soups for lunches and lean meats with warm simple roast veggies for dinners. 

There are SO many amazing healthy recipe books, blogs and guides out there not that eating healthy definitely doesn’t have to be boring. 


Like I said at the start the days feel shorter, it’s cold and let’s be honest we all feel like we don’t have enough hours in the day for everything we have to do as it is. “HIIT”  is the perfect solution for those who want to exercise but don’t have a long amount of time but also for those who want results quickly! 

What is HIIT? HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and is any workout where you work out in and alternate between intense bursts of activity followed by either complete rest or less intense periods of activity. It’s such a simple idea but it has proven fat burning, metabolism boosting, fitness increasing benefits not to mention it is probably the most time efficient way to train. I know it sounds too good to be true but it really does work!

You can achieve results in just 15-20 minute sessions! YASSSS!!….. 


CHAMPION - Absolute Tights & Crop  (shop here)

CHAMPION – Absolute Tights & Crop (shop here)


Who doesn’t love a little reward for their hard efforts? Reward yourself for achieving goals along the way by buying yourself active wear or something that will also keep you motivated.

Just about to start our fitness journey? Kit yourself out in appropriate with active wear for the season. If you feel like you look good and are comfortable in your clothing you will be confident and motivated to get outdoors, to the gym or the studio.  

There’s a lot of great looking active wear these days that can cross over from gym wear to every day active life wear too.


If you’re looking for some quality, stylish and super affordable gym wear for the whole family which is featured on me in this blog head to Champions website HERE.

This blog was sponsored by Champion but hello obviously I LOVE (good quality) ACTIVE WEAR!!

Jul 6, 2017




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