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Ahh toddlers .. the never ending eating, snacking yet fuss pots that are toddlers.

Some days I feel like Millie eats more than me and other days she seems to not want anything she loved the day before. In both cases we always have our back up SMOOOTHIEEEE to either fill her up when she won’t eat so I know she’s getting in all the nutrients she needs or to help try to fill her up when she’s non-stop eating ALL – DAY – LONG .

At about 18 months old Millie decided she no longer wanted her bottle or formula or even cow’s milk which in one way was a blessing because it meant I didn’t have to try to wean her from the bottle but also meant that she refused to drink milk/formula for the nutrient benefits, stopped that connection of bottle meant bed time and also started waking up a couple of hours after we put her to bed saying she was “HUNGY, HUNGY” aka hungry. Once again smoothies were our answer as we could pack them full of goodness and her toddler formula to ensure she stayed full overnight and also got her nutrients she needs.

We use  “Munchkin Grass Fed Toddler Milk-based Drink” which we switched to after chatting to the team at Munchkin and under the advice from our GP from a Lactose Free formula to help Millie learn to digest the lactose as she got older and her digestion improved. It’s the only other toddler formula she has not had an issue with (we tried loads)  and even though she occasionally has cow’s milk any other cow’s milk toddler formula has given her nappy rash or constipation. 


Tonight I wanted to share 4 super simple smoothie ideas for toddlers:


The simplest and easiest smoothie every toddler will love.

3 scoops of “Munchkin Milk Based Toddler Drink”

150mls cold water

1/2 frozen banana

A squeeze of honey or rice malt syrup

Optional: a few frozen berries or mango – Millie LOVES strawberries in this one.

Blend and serve.


The best and easiest way to get toddlers to eat their greens!

3 scoops of “Munchkin Milk Based Toddler Drink”

150mls cold water

¼ frozen banana

Small handful of baby spinach or baby kale

A squeeze of honey or rice malt syrup

A couple of ice cubes

Blend and serve


The perfect sweet, chocolate snack that is also healthy.

3 scoops of “Munchkin Milk Based Toddler Drink”

150mls cold water

1/2 frozen banana

½ – 1 teaspoon Cocao powder

1-2 pitted dates (soak in hot water to make soft)

Blend and serve.


For the on the go mornings when you’re running late. We take this in the car if we need to.

3 scoops of “Munchkin Milk Based Toddler Drink”

200mls cold water

2-3 Tablespoons greek yoghurt

1-2 Tablespoons of oats

A small handful of frozen berries (your choice of berries)

Couple of ice cubes

Squeeze of honey

Optional: 1/4 frozen banana

Blend and serve.

HINT: Involving Millie in the smoothie time making process has really help with getting her to enjoy her smoothies and even wanting to drink the green ones as she feels like she’s a big girl in the kitchen helping mum PLUS I seriously LOVE doing this with her it’s so fun to watch her enjoying healthy food habits!

Hope you enjoyed these smoothie recipes – simple and easy to make on the go with a busy little toddler!


Munchkin Grass Fed Toddler Drink uses farm fresh milk from 100% Grass Fed cows. No grains – CERTIFIED.

So, Why is Grass Fed Milk better?

According to Munchkin website:

“Infant Formula is made with up to 65% milk or milk by-products, so we feel it’s important that the milk in your formula is the best. Milk from 100% grass fed cows is flowing with Vitamin A and Vitamin E. Grass fed milk contains up to 5x more Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA), and has a more balanced ratio of Essential Fatty Acids when compared to milk from grain fed cows. Milk from cows who eat an unnatural diet of grains does not meet our standard.”

For more info on Munchkin Grass Fed Milk Based Toddler Drink head to their website here.

Munchkin Grass Fed is now available to purchase in /react-text COLES supermarkets Australia wide!!


Brittany xx

This blog was written with sponsorship from “Munchkin” but I would never promote something we don’t love or use! You will see Munchkin products all around my home!


Nov 10, 2017




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