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Tips for Exercising While Pregnant


One of the biggest obstacles pregnant women face is maintaining physical fitness. Though it may seem difficult, it can actually be quite simple to exercise while pregnant. Following are helpful tips for those seeking to stay in shape before giving birth, but they are only tips. Only a physician can provide the healthiest strategies for each woman’s personal circumstances.

Take it Easy

Pregnant women should attempt to complete light and easy exercises, such as yoga or light swimming, for the first few months. These can help get the body get accustomed to more physical activity if the woman is not used to exercising. As pregnancy progresses the amount of physical fitness a woman can partake in may vary, especially as she enters the third trimester. One of the most important things to remember is to listen to your body and when in doubt ease up your routine.  

Work at a Comfortable Pace

No one should push their body beyond the limit, but this practice is especially true for prenatal exercise. Pregnant women should only exert themselves at a pace that is slow and steady instead of using too much energy. The amount of exertion will vary from woman to woman and be dependent on how physically fit they were prior to pregnancy. For women who participated in fitness prior to their pregnancy, fitness during pregnancy will be easier than for those women who never exercised before. Every person is different, so each woman’s abilities and limits will be unique.

Take Breaks as Necessary

During each exercise session, it may be necessary to take breaks from time to time. If the body is pushed too hard, one may become tired or light-headed, so it is best to stop any exertion abruptly. It may even be a good idea to schedule breaks at frequent intervals to avoid any extra strain.

Stay Hydrated

One of the most important aspects of physical fitness for any person is maintaining adequate hydration before, during and after exercise. The loss of fluid through sweating needs to be replaced, and failure to do so may result in dehydration.

Maintain Proper Nutrition

Along with staying hydrated, consuming the right foods provides the nutrition needed to exert oneself during workouts. A pregnant woman should avoid foods that are too rich and indulgent, but she should make sure to gain the proper amounts of calories and carbohydrates in order to have enough energy to exercise.

Keep It Simple

During pregnancy, it is better to be consistent with easy and simple exercises that are not too difficult to execute. Attempting complex maneuvers or intense activities such as vigorous running or weight training may result in accidents or injury that can be harmful to the baby. Exercising safely involves completing moves while maintaining balance, form and comfort.

Be Careful

Pregnant women should be especially careful when working out. It is important to get the full benefit of a workout session, but during pregnancy being cautious is even more important. Any stress put on the mother’s body is also stressful to the baby, and sudden missteps can cause dangerous falls or injuries. Every move should be carefully thought out and executed to gain a full workout in the safest way.

Avoid Overheating

Maintain safe temperatures when working out by avoiding body temperatures that are dangerously high. Carrying the additional weight can also add to more natural exertion, high body heat or sweating. Exercising in this condition can make the woman hotter in general, so it is better to work out in a cooler environment.

Make a Plan

Instead of simply exercising randomly each day, pregnant women should make a plan to follow over their exercise schedule. One can stay safer and better organized by knowing what exercises they will be doing over time. Planning exercises by the week can also help to keep up motivation to continue.

Work with a Professional

The best way to maintain form and get the most benefit out of working out is to use the assistance of a professional. There are even some personal trainers that are knowledgeable and experienced in working specifically with pregnant women, so they have the tools to keep a woman fit even more efficiently than a standard trainer.

Maintain a Healthy Weight

The goal of exercising while pregnant is to maintain proper health for the development of the baby and to handle the changes in the mother’s body. This is not the time to attempt to lose excessive weight or achieve advanced fitness goals. Weight loss may occur if one is already overweight, but these pounds of fat will temporarily be replaced by the weight of the womb regardless.

Consult a Physician

The only way to be as safe as possible when pregnant is to frequently consult with a physician to know what specific needs each pregnant woman has for her body. A physician can inform one of the exercises to avoid or recommend helpful moves that are not too strenuous. Mild to moderate workouts are the best for physical activity that is light enough to handle with the extra volume on the torso. They are also safest for maintaining the health of the mother and baby. Some of the exercises with lowest risk during pregnancy include walking and swimming, but it is imperative to talk with a doctor before beginning any exercise regimen during and after pregnancy.

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