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Kegels you’ve all heard of them but are you doing and if so are you doing them correctly?

A lot of women who are doing Kegels (pelvic floor exercise) are not doing them correctly and really if you’re not doing them effectively there is no point doing them at all.


  • When performing them nothing from your belly button up should move

  • You should not clench your butt cheeks or leg muscles

  • Start with a completely relaxed belly. When performing there may be tightening and a small amount of movement in you lower abdomen but nowhere else.

  • Use visualisation techniques such as imagining you’re trying to stop the flow of urine and wind at once, sucking water through a straw in to your vagina or trying to pull a tampon higher into your vagina using only your pelvic floor muscles.

  • For the most effect try to do it when you can fully focus not while doing other things. This is especially important if you have a weak pelvic floor and really need to think about making the muscle and mind connection.

  • Try them seated, standing and once you  can confidently do them correctly try practicing them throughout movement like a lunge, squat or kneeling movements.

  • Keep breathing and don’t hold your breath.

  • Cross train them with slow contractions, fast contractions and long holds.


These are to be performed every day during this program and really for the rest of your life.



10 Strong lifts

2 long holds (work your way to 10 seconds)

10 – 15 quick pulses

It takes only minutes to look after your pelvic floor each day!

NOTE: This is generalised advise. If you have a pelvic floor issue you must consult your doctor or women’s health physio for a plan suited to your needs. 


Brittany xx 

Oct 11, 2017




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