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My anxiety is never far away



My anxiety is never far from me. 

It shows up in different ways.

Somedays it’s in the back of my mind as I prepare for the day thinking of all the things I “have” to do or things that could possibly go wrong.

Somedays it surrounds me and tightens its grip and makes me feel isolated in my thoughts as if I’m in my own little world.

Some other days it bombards me with its strength. It takes my breath away, makes me irrational and I cannot escape it.

Somedays it hits me in short and sudden burst of overwhelming fear but then lingers after the attack.

It’s there.

It happens.

I live with it.

I live along side it.

I have anxiety, there’s no doubting that.

I have anxiety and I probably always will.

I have anxiety but I am not anxiety.

I have anxiety but I won’t ever let it define me anymore. And with that knowledge and lesson I have learnt I have taken so much power back because by knowing I am not my anxiety I know it will pass and I will be okay again. I will breathe again, my thoughts will be clear again and I will always smile again, how can I not when I have my babies, my family and my friends to love, be grateful for and to love me right back.

I have anxiety and I will never let it beat me.

And I truly hope you won’t let yours beat you either. 

Feb 21, 2019




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