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Pregnancy Diary: What’s in my hospital bag?


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What I’m packing in my bag to take to hospital for myself and for bub for my cesarean birth.

We will be in for 4-5 days as I am having a cesarean so you may not need as much as me but this will give you an outline of things you can pack for you stay.

Note: All brands I’m using I have linked their Instagram handles if you want to check them out. Some (just a few) items have been gifted over my pregnancy but this is not sponsored just loved.


Photo 17-9-18, 6 44 05 pm.jpg

I’m using a sandwich style carry on size suitcase.


Maternity Pads (30-40)

Travel sized body wash

Travel sized shampoo and conditioner

Travel dental pack (toothbrush, floss, paste) – I like to pack one of these so I know its all ready to go and wont forget to grab my one from home.


Lip balm

Mini hand Sanitiser for next to my bed

Face Oil ( @esmiskinminerals ) or moisturiser of choice

BB cream or tinted moisturiser ( @esmiskinminerals )

Basic makeup – mascara, mineral makeup and brow pencil

Belly Butter or Bio Oil (I’m using the GAIA brand and love it)

Nipple Balm (GAIA brand)

Hair brush & Hair ties/scrunchie

Essential oils of choice – I’m taking a “self love blend” and “Calm your Farm” ( from @hymntoher )

Essential Oil Face Mist ( from @thecalmcompound )

Photo 17-9-18, 6 45 30 pm.jpg


4x maternity singlets

2x night shirts ( @the_comfortmama & @cottononbody )

2x soft tees or long sleeve shirts

2x cardigans ( 1x soft bamboo & 1x wool knitted )

2x comfy harems pants ( @cottononbody & @lornajaneactive )

2x T-shirt dresses ( @cottonon )

1x outfit for wearing home – a dress or skirt and soft comfy top (remember your body will still be changing and your tummy may still be round and big so make sure you pack something that will fit and is soft and comfy)

Photo 17-9-18, 2 02 48 pm.jpg


10x high waisted black undies ( need to come up over wound – I got mine at Kmart )

2-3 maternity bras/crops (I personally like Burleigh , Bonds or Big W)

5-6 x pairs of long warm socks ( @cottononbody & @kmartaus )

Breast pads – disposable for hospital are easiest.

SRC Recovery shorts ( I couldn’t wear these for a week after Millie but I have thrown them in just in case I can this time. These are such a great product for recovery and I 100% recommend them to all mamas especially for returning to walking and then exercise post baby)

Check them out here:

New beginnings support band ( can be worn during pregnancy & after – I bought from Baby Bunting)

Note: Most hospitals will also provide you with tubi-grip band for post birth support for a cesarean. Other suggestions were high waist support underwear from Kmart or Target, belly bands or bellybandit brands support brace -I’m still thinking about one for after hospital).


Booby ice/heat packs ( @bodyicewoman – also comes with a perineum ice pack for vaginal births)

Sleep mask – always helps me sleep when in hospital with all the lights and distractions.

Book, magazine, earphones & snacks.

Camera for photos of birth and in hospital

Medicare and private health care cards

Phone & camera charger

Memory card for camera (check enough storage available)

Laxatives/stool softener to help with that painful first poo!

Optional: nursing pillow & breast pump.


For bubs bag I am using this amazing travel bag from @storksakausnz – its got the best removable compartment divider in it and is perfect for packing baby items in! Love it …

USE CODE “BBN15” for 15% off all Storksak products too!!

Photo 17-9-18, 6 45 45 pm.jpg

Shop it here:


All clothing is newborn size (0000)

6x Long zip/wondersuits ( @bondsaus )

4 – 5 x basic long sleeve onesies ( @bondsaus & @jamiekaystore )

6x singlets

1x going home outfit

2-3x beanies

Booties, mittens and socks

Photo 17-9-18, 11 08 40 am.jpg


2-3x muslin wraps ( @popyatot @snugglehunnykids @belliesandbeyond )

1x Snuggle Hunny Snuggle swaddle ( @snugglehunnykids )

1x Love to Dream – Swaddle Up NB (we used these for Millie from about 6 weeks old but I think she would have loved them from the start so taking one with me in case this bub likes her arms up too) @lovetodreamaustralia



Newborn Nappies (our hospital provides nappies but I’ve thrown a few in just incase. Check with your hospital what they provide)

1 Large packet Fragrance free Wipes ( we use Little One’s brand from Woolworths )

Body wash & barrier nappy cream ( in case we need & prefer our own choice in brands)


Soothers/Dummies ( not sure if we will use again but taking 2 different brands in case of fussy baby we also try to use ones that are easily available in supermarkets like Avent or Tommy Tipee because they get lost or replaced so frequently )

Name Plaque ( @_zilvi )

1x mini bow ( @snugglehunnykids because cute )

A little gift for Millie from baby.

A comforter plush toy that Millie will give to baby as a present. Wont be packed in bag but will be left at home for her to bring along to give her sister.

Car seat/capsule installed in car –

I hope this blog has helped you to pack your bag too!

Send me a message if you have any questions or if you think I’ve forgotten anything important. Good luck with your birth and hospital stay my beautiful mamas xx

With Love,


Sep 18, 2018


  1. Lauren Aumann says:

    This was so helpful. Thank you 🙂

  2. Emma says:

    Such a good list! Packing my bag on the weekend!!
    What gift did baby give millie? Thinking of doing the same! X


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